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Building The Perfect Gift Basket For The Seamstress In Your Life

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If you know very little about sewing but have a friend or family member who is a dedicated seamstress, building a gift basket for that person can be challenging. You don’t want to just fill the basket with basics that he or she already has, but you don’t really know enough to choose more advanced supplies, either. Luckily, there are a number of items that most any seamstress will appreciate and be able to use:

Specialty Thread

The seamstress in your life probably already has a basic collection of thread, but adding some more unique threads to their collection will be appreciated. Here are a few unique types of thread to toss in your gift basket:

  • Wash-away thread: Sometimes a seamstress has to put in some stitches as a guide, and then remove them later. Wash-away thread eliminates the need to pull out those guide stitches as it dissolves once the garment is washed. This will save your seamstress a lot of time!
  • Glow-in-the-dark thread: This thread is great for fun projects like Halloween costumes and other kids’ items. Consider tossing a couple of different colors in your basket.
  • Metallic thread: This thread is great for everything from decorative blouses or curtains to dramatic ballgowns. Your seamstress may not have a need for it immediately, but they’ll be glad to have it when a special occasion arises.

You can find these and other specialty sewing threads at Singer Factory Distributor Inc

Fabric Scissors

Although your seamstress most likely already has fabric scissors, a new pair will be welcomed. These scissors dull over time, so they need to be replaced. Your seamstress may set them aside for a few months or a year, but once their current pair wears out, they’ll be thankful that they already have a new pair ready to go.

Interesting Patterns

Do you know what kind of projects your gift recipient prefers to make? Perhaps they make a lot of skirts, or maybe they make a lot of stuffed animals. The cost of patterns can really add up, so your seamstress will enjoy getting a few patterns in their gift basket. Even if the patterns are not exactly what they would have picked themselves, including a few may inspire them to expand their repertoire.

Historical Books

Buying a “how-to” book for your seamstress friend might be difficult if you don’t know what level they’re at or what types of projects they’d like to learn. However, books on the history of sewing will appeal to seamstresses of all levels. Look for such books through online retailers or general bookstores rather than through craft stores.

Once you’ve gathered a few of the items listed above, put everything together in a basket and wrap it up in a colorful bow. The seamstress in your life will surely appreciate these thoughtful and useful items.

Interesting Kindergarten Gift Ideas That Are Both Fun And Educational

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Coming up with a gift for your kindergartner that’s educational yet fun enough to hold their attention can be a challenge if you want to avoid the cliche options, like computer programs, board games, and books. Even if you look forward to gifting your little one with new books to read and games to enjoy, consider adding something a little outside of the box to the pile of gifts to optimize your child’s interest in learning and exploring. The following ideas are sure to be a hit:

RC Vehicles

Many RC cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft are easy to control even for kindergartners, and the process of making these vehicles move in specific ways or react to particular objects is not only fun, but also educational in that it promotes healthy hand-eye coordination and provides problem-solving challenges while traversing various terrains. Choose an RV vehicle that comes with a basic control consisting of just a wheel so the learning curve isn’t too challenging for your little one and they’ll be more likely to spend quality time with the toy. Contact a company like Superior Hobbies for more information.

A Painting Easel

Introducing a painting easel to your child’s toy collection is sure to provide them with an effective outlet for their creativity, while at the same time giving them an opportunity to learn about color mixing and paint application techniques. Your little one can also brush up on their small motor skills as they move their brush along their “canvas.” Look for a new easel that has a height adjustment system on it so that it’s able to grow with your child as they age and become taller.

A Telescope

A telescope will make the night sky come to life for your child, which is sure to encourage their interest in astronomy. Checking out the evening sky will give you and your little one an opportunity to spend some quality time together outdoors. And because astronomy intersects with other subjects such as math, the process of learning about the stars can act as a catalyst for learning about numbers, sounds, energies, and science. A small telescope that sits on top of an outdoor table is all it should take to get your child interested in the mystery of our solar system’s planets and stars.

These gift ideas can be used by your little one right away and will grow with them as they age, offering years of enjoyment to look forward to as long as the items are well taken care of. 

3 Things That Could Ruin Your Rare Coins

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Many people start collecting coins as a way to build an investment portfolio for the future. Coins are small enough to store that you don’t have to worry about needing a separate space for your collection. While rare coins are a great investment for the future, you have to make sure you take care of them properly to prevent doing any damage to the coins. Before you can ask, “Where can I sell rare coins?” you first have to ask, “Are my rare coins in good enough condition to sell?” Here are three things that you might not realize could destroy your rare coin collection and cause you to lose money when you go to sell them.

Touching your coins.

While it is only natural to want to look at your coins, touch them and show them off, that could do far more damage than you even realize. Your body contains natural oils that can destroy the finish of the coins. If you do have to handle your coins, you need to wear some form of cotton gloves to make sure that your natural oils aren’t transferred to the coins.

Attempting to clean your coins.

If your coins are a little dirty and dingy looking, it makes sense that you would want to clean them to spruce them up a bit. However, that could wind up doing far more harm than you realize. Using harsh cleaning agents on your coins could strip their natural finish off and scratch the surface. The only time coins should ever be cleaned is when they are dug out of something, like a big pile of dirt or something similar. Even then, it should be done by a professional dealer to prevent damage to the coin.

Not storing your coins properly.

Coins need to be stored properly to prevent additional damage. If you throw your coins upstairs in your attic or downstairs in the basement, they are going to be exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture. That can cause the coins to oxidize from all of the added moisture. Your coins need to be stored in a cool, dry environment at all times. Keep them somewhere where you can control the climate and prevent them from getting too damp.

By avoiding the practices mentioned above, you can make sure your coins look amazing for quite some time. Not only are you preserving their integrity, but you are boosting their value for the future.

3 Reasons to Use LED Bulbs

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LED bulbs are a great alternative to traditional light sources due to the many benefits they provide that traditional light bulbs simply cannot match. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider LED bulbs for your next lighting project.

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits to utilizing LED bulbs is that they can save you money in a variety of ways. For example, a standard LED bulb is going to have a much longer lifespan than a normal bulb, which means that you will not have to spend money as often replacing bulbs that have become damaged or burned out.

Another way that LED bulbs can save you money is because they are extremely energy efficient. These bulbs can light your house or be used in just about any lighting application for just a fraction of the electricity that traditional bulbs require. This will result in your utility bills going down and the LED bulbs paying for themselves after just a few months.


Another reason to consider LED bulbs is because they are extremely durable. In many cases, it can seem like the slightest touch or impact can render a traditional light bulb useless. However, LED bulbs are extremely resistant to impacts or vibrations.

This resistance means that the LED bulbs are ideal for use outside because wind and debris will not cause them malfunction. In addition, these bulbs can often be combined to create an extremely bright light source, which is extremely useful for outdoor applications. Another aspect of LED bulbs that makes them very durable is that they can handle extreme temperatures without a problem, which makes them even more effective for outdoor use.


Finally, LED bulbs are a fantastic resource to use for custom lighting applications and hobby applications. The reason for this is that you can program LED bulbs to make individual bulbs brighter or dimmer in order to create a desired design or effect. In addition, LED bulbs can have a color change effect that will allow you to program the bulb to change between several basic colors. 

This can give you a massive amount of control over the lighting patterns in your house or yard. In addition, LED bulbs can help you create a very dynamic and unique exterior light display for holiday decorations or simply to help your home or place of business stand out.

Contact an LED bulb provider today in order to discuss the many benefits that LED lights can provide. These bulbs are customizable, durable, and very cost effective.